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Mandarin Journey - Part 1

I’ve decided to learn Mandarin! Well, I decided this last year but didn’t dedicate as much time to learning as I would have liked. My goal is to allocate one hour each day to studying the language in the hope that consistency will help reinforce my learning and eventually allow me to have conversations in Mandarin. I won’t be learning how to read and write Chinese characters but will pick up Pinyin to assist with picking up new words.

Log 2 - Selecting Goals

In the previous post, I mentioned how I tend to generate multiple goals at the beginning of each year and I don’t accomplish all of them. I often tackle multiple resolutions simultaneously since some are plans to develop habits; however, I find that it can be overwhelming and easy to fall off track once other responsibilities take up more time than usual. Although it feels great to accomplish goals within the proposed year, some require continued commitment and subjecting the learning of skills to deadlines might not be the best approach.

Log 1 - The First Step

Welcome. Every time a new year rolls around, I create lofty new year resolutions. They typically fall into the categories: health, finances, relationships, and personal development. Some goals are accomplished while others end up incomplete or even worse, not started. As the months pass by, Langston Hughes' Harlem runs through my head every time I think about things I won’t complete. I can tell you, a goal deferred does indeed fester like a sore and stink like rotten meat.