Log 3 - Struggles


That is the one word that sums up what I’m lacking in my fitness journey. I recently got a belt that allows me to add weight onto bodyweight exercises like dips and pull-ups. Well, I was super excited about the new purchase and the growth opportunities it opened up so I decided to test my limits. I ended up adding 65 lbs onto my dips and 35 lbs onto my pull-ups and I paid the price.

The next day, my left elbow began to hurt a little and I shrugged it off as a little discomfort caused by testing myself. I did a few other upper body exercises then felt that I needed to stop. I’m not quite sure whether the pain was caused by the handstand practice initiated a week ago or whether it was due to the excessive weight from dips and pull-ups. What I do know is that I will avoid upper body exercises for a week so that my elbow has time to recover and then take it slowly with the weight until my strength returns. The worst thing I can do is continue to lift and exacerbate the problem, causing irreversible damage.

Returning to the idea of patience. Fitness is a long journey and a journey best enjoyed injury-free. As such, it’s probably a good idea for me to take things slow and not increase weight dramatically. Even though I can lift heavier weights without much practice, my muscles, tendons, and joints need time to reinforce themselves to prepare for them to avoid injury.

Patience also applies to learning to do handstands. It’s best to follow certain stages to develop the strength and proper technique instead of taking shortcuts and risking injury. I hope that I recover soon so I can get back into upper body exercises. I guess it’s lower body exercises until then.