Mandarin Journey - Part 2

One and a half weeks have passed since the previous post and I haven’t been as consistent as I had hoped. I was able to dedicate a total of 3 hours 45 minutes across five study sessions during this time. Unfortunately, I only accomplished my goal of an hour of studying on three days, with the other two sessions being 17 and 20 minutes long.

During this time, I reviewed three out of the six Pronunciation and Romanization tapes that focus on developing the ability to read Pinyin, understand and distinguish the four tones, and pronunciation.

In addition to the three tapes, I completed Module 1 Unit 1 and learned the following words:

  • nǐ = you
  • shéi = who
  • shénme = what
  • shì = to be
  • tā = he, she
  • tàitai = Mrs.
  • tóngzhì = Comrade
  • wǒ = I
  • xiānsheng = Mr., sir
  • xiǎojiě = Miss
  • xìng = to be surnamed

Nǐ hǎo, wǒ shi Ruǎn Dānnísī! 😁

Tweaking The Approach
I find that studying is easier in the morning when my mind is fresh and I’m not mentally exhausted. Towards the end of the day, energy levels are lower and it becomes more challenging to sit and focus on learning for an hour. Why study when it’s so much easier to watch a show than go to bed? 😅

With this in mind, it’s time to put in more effort to sleep early so that I can squeeze in an hour of studying Mandarin and a workout before I begin my day.